• Warrior Booster Club
    President - 
    Vice President -
    Treasurer - Lynn Kukoda
    Secretary - Connie McKenzie

    Warrior Pride at it's BEST during the annual LAX tournaments! 
    Coach Harbaugh from the Baltimore Ravens....loved our Jersey Burgers!
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    Great teamwork from all the students, parents and staff!


    Booster Club 2019 Calendar Raffle Results!


    Monday, May 6th  $50 -  #169

    Friday, May 10th $50 - #103

    Sunday May 12th $200 - #158

    Monday May 13th $50 - #174

    Friday May 17th $50 - #018

    Monday May 20th - $50 - #149

    Friday May 24th $50 - #073

    Monday May 27th $50 - #011

    Friday May 31st $50 - #022

    Monday June 3rd $50 - #102

    Friday June 7th $50 - #085

    Monday June 10th $50 - #029 

    Friday June 14th $50 - #001

    Sunday June 16th $200 - #107

    Monday June 17th $50 - #074

    Friday June 21st $50 - #086

    Monday June 24th $50 - #051

    Friday June 28th $50 - #148

    Monday July 1st $50 - #026

    Thursday July 4th $200 - #156

    Friday July 5th $50 - #079

    Monday July 8th $50 - #135

    Friday July 12th $50 - #064

    Monday July 15th $50 - #068

    Friday July 19th $50 - #147

    Monday July 22nd $50 -  #016

    Friday July 26th $50 -  #119


    The Booster Club organizes two main fundraising events:  Two Lacrosse Tournaments (Concession Stand)
    The Warrior Booster Club is a separate organization.

    Mission Statement:

    The purpose for which this organization is formed is due to promote and support the athletic and co-curricular activities at New Egypt High School.  These purposes may include, but are not limited to, the following: Providing for sports banquets, fundraising and other related functions;  Assisting in instilling in these young adults the principles of good sportsmanship, fair play, rules of the games, and good citizenship; Providing assistance to and cooperating with the New Egypt Athletic Department and other authorities of New Egypt High School, including supporting of school policies or athletic activities and projects. 

    Any individual who resides in Plumsted Township, is a New Egypt High School District Staff member, or is a New Egypt High School Alumni, is eligible for membership in the Warrior Booster Club. 

    All parents of Sports, Band AND Drill Are welcome to join! 
    Any and all meetings of the Warrior Booster Club shall be held at New Egypt High School, or at such other place within the school district as may be designated by the Executive Committee on notice to all of the members.
    Parent Representative:

    To be recognized as a “Parent Rep”, it must first be approved by that sport’s head coach.  The representative must be a member in good standing of the Warrior Booster Club and will serve a term of a mimimum of one season and can serve on a multiple of teams.        


    When approved by the Executive Committee or by the membership at a regular, special or annual meeting, the organization will be permitted to raise funds through solicitations of its members or of the public or through such projects as the holdings of social functions, athletic events and the like, and to apply the net proceeds to the beneficial purposes of the organization.  All applications will then be submitted one month prior to the event to the Athletic Supervisor and the Warrior Executive Board for approval.  Any and all athletic equipment purchased for the school’s athletic programs by Booster, service clubs or any other individual or group(s), beyond a sport’s athletic budget, must have prior approval from the Administration and Board of Education or it’s agent, the Director of Athletics. 

    If sufficient funds are available for Senior Awards, the students receiving the awards will be determined by the Athletic Council (New Egypt High School Head Coaches).  Awards will be announced during the Annual Senior Awards night.


    Be a Warrior Booster Club Member....join us at our meetings or email us....