• "Most people say that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character." -Albert Einstein
          Hello! My name is Mrs. Kaitlynn Panacek, and I'm extremely excited to spend my fourth year of teaching here at New Egypt High School. Science is a subject that I am very passionate about, and I am hoping to show my students how interesting and enjoyable science can be. I encourage you to ask your student what we are currently learning about in class, as well as about the laboratory experiments that we are completing, as we tend to do some very interesting and entertaining tasks! Please do not hesitate to contact me during the semester if you have any questions or concerns, by emailing me at panacekk@newegypt.us. Here's to a great year and a successful future!
          I do not use this website on a regular basis, so for up-to-date information on homework or class happenings, please ask your student to show you our Google Classroom page. Additionally, you can sign up as a parent on Google Classroom. There was a form sent home with your student, so if you did not receive one or if you decide you do want to sign up for it, please email me if you are interested in doing so. On Google Classroom, I can send the students reminders about assignments that are due, assign homework, as well as upload pdf files that may be important. Thank you so much for visiting my page!