• Warrior Academy


    "Where Learning Meets the Future"

    The New Egypt High School Warrior Engineering Academy is designed to enable students to gain an understanding of the skills to use creative and systems thinking in the multiple facets of an engineering career.  Warrior Engineering Academy students will be placed on a four-year academic pathway that will be innovative while addressing “College and Career Readiness” skills.  They will gain knowledge in this particular field of study and cover all high school pre-requisites for acceptance into competitive post-secondary institutions.  This program will empower students in the development of the key skills; critical thinking/problem solving, research, reading, writing, speaking/presenting, and teamwork, and include subsets of these skills, such as analyzing, reasoning, negotiating and questioning.  The rigorous courses (some achieving college credit) will enable students to apply these skills while identifying how the material connects to other academic subjects. Warrior Engineering Academy students will gain knowledge and skills that are relevant to a range of careers.  

    Prior to their junior year, students will have the opportunity to specialize in three specific areas; Civil and Design Engineering, Medical Arts and Environmental Engineering.  Students will take courses and have field experiences in their area of interest.  All seniors will engage in a service learning practicum that will enhance their experience in the Warrior Engineering Academy. 

    Students who are accepted into the Warrior Engineering Academy will:

    • Tailor their elective choices to focus on Engineering.

    • Require a minimum of seven academy electives completed or enrolled by February of Senior year.
    • Technology, Engineering and Social Responsibility, Computer Science are 9th grade required courses.  Sustainable Engineering and Digital Engineering are 10th grade required courses.  Students may choose the remaining courses.
    • Successfully complete Senior Practicum during their Senior year.
    • Shadow engineering and medical professionals
    • Participate in professional development workshops
    • Earn potential college credit

    Available Engineering Courses:

    Year 1   Technology, Engineering and Social Responsibility, Computer Science 

    Year 2   Sustainable Engineering, Digital Engineering 
    Year 3   Calc AB, Calc BC, AP Statistics, AP Environmental Science, Anatomy/Physiology, Kinesiology, Intro to Environmental              Engineering 
    Year 4  H Civil Engineering, H Design and Development, H Bio Tech, H Organic Chemistry, H Research on Experimental Design, Planet             Earth  


    Academy Meeting:
    • Monthly

    Senior Year:

    • Potential college credit courses
    • Engineering Academy Practicum

    Portfolio & Capstone

    • Students will maintain a portfolio to capture reflections on service learning, academic coursework and additional Academy experiences.

    The Capstone Project is a culmination of experiences where students utilize skills and knowledge acquired throughout high school and the Academy during a formal presentation.


      Any questions or concerns, please email Mr. Mendes at mendesm@newegypt.us