Apple/Mac Tips
    Please seek out an iWarrior if you any questions regarding your Mac Computer!

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    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Question:  Can I keep my Mac over the summer? 
    Answer: Yes! But, inspections can be done at any time.  Seniors CANNOT keep computers!
    Question:  Can I print at home? 
    Answer:  At this time no, BUT the TechTeam is looking into the matter!
    Question:  Where do I go for help?
    Answer:  See an iWarrior, Mr. Wilno or Mrs. Pryz 
    Question:  Can I use Safari for forms/college applications? 
    Answer: Yes and No DEPENDS on site supporting that search engine. But if it doesn't work, use Google Chrome! Always try both!
    Question:  How can we upload/download an application using the Apple Products?  It won't let us upload and it keeps asking for an Apple ID! 
    Answer:  Please see Mr. Wilno or Mrs. Pryz. because we can get the application pushed out to the students from the Tech Team.  Your Apple ID is limited through newegypt.us.

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    Teachers:  Mr. Wilno & Mrs. Pryz.