What is a Student Assistance Counselor (SAC)?
    Student Assistance Counselors address the needs of New Jersey youth in education, prevention, intervention, and referral services. SAC’s promote healthy, safe, and drug-free lifestyles, student achievement, and academic success.

    What do Student Assistance Counselors do?
    Student Assistance Counselors provide a variety of services within the schools based on the needs of the district.

    Some of these services may include program and/or curriculum development, direct services such as confidential individual and/or group counseling with students, and assisting in maintaining a safe school environment.

    Some other examples include working as an advocate for students and families, coordinating prevention and education activities, assisting in the development and maintenance of district policy, and providing staff in-services.

    How is a student referred for services?
    A student can be referred for services by administration, parents, staff, peers, or self-referral. The goal of the referral process is to identify and refer students with social, behavioral, and emotional concerns.

    What is my goal as a SAC?
    My goal as a Student Assistance Counselor is to foster student autonomy, achievement, and success through collaboration with administration, school counselors, school nurse, and teachers.