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    What is a Student Assistance Coordinator (SAC)?
    Student Assistance Coordinators address the needs of all district  students and families in education, prevention, intervention, and referral services. SAC’s promote healthy  lifestyles, student achievement, and academic success.

    " The Student Assistance Coordinator is a trained certified intervention specialist. Academic and attendance problems are often due to underlying issues.  Student Assistance Counseling is a process in where students meet with a professional counselor to discuss problems they may be experiencing." (ASAP)  Including but not limited : Family problems, School problems, Drugs/Alcohol issues, Vaping/Smoking, Depression, Anxiety, Emotional problems, Relationship issues, and High Risk behaviors. 

    What does Student Assistance Coordinator do?

    Student Assistance Counselors provide a variety of services within the schools based on the needs of the district. Direct services include confidential individual and/or group counseling with students. Maintaining a safe school environment by involvement in program and/or curriculum development. Working as an advocate for students and families. Coordinating prevention and education activities while assisting in the development and maintenance of district policy. Provide staff professional development and training.

    Mr. Chemris is available to all students and families throughout the district who have questions or concerns regarding social/emotional/behavioral development.