• 2021-2022 Enrollment forms are at the bottom of this page. 

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    We invite students to join our morning program starting with a drop-off time as early as 6:45 am or the second option of drop-off after 8:00 am for a reduction in tuition. We offer a choice of the program plans for 2/3/4/5 days per week based on monthly tuition with pick-up no later than 5:45 pm. Changes can be made on the 1st of the month. The first change of plan is free, fees are incurred for all changes after that.

    It’s anticipated that the following requirements will remain in place for the 2021-2022 school year.

    • Children exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, shall not be allowed to enter the program, nor will students that have been exposed to persons known to have COVID-19 during the preceding 14 days. In addition, parents/guardians must complete their child’s health screening prior to attending each day.
    • The NEED Program will follow the same travel restrictions as the district.
    • Parents will not be permitted into the building to drop off/pick up their children. A staff member will greet them at the cafeteria door for sign-in and sign-out. Signs with our contact phone number and extension are located on the exterior doors. We ask that you call upon your arrival.
    • Students will be provided with reminders about maintaining social distancing while attending the program.
    • Students will be provided with “mask breaks.” In addition, the program will operate activities outside as much as possible. Students should come prepared in layers of clothing as needed for spring weather.
    • The program staff will reinforce healthy hygiene practices. There will be frequent opportunities for children to wash or sanitize their hands throughout the program.  Children will be required to wash/sanitize hands at the following times:

      - Entering Before/After Care
      - Leaving Before Care to attend class
      - Before eating any food
      - Before/After going outside
      - After using the restroom
      - After blowing their nose, coughing, and/or sneezing
    • The program will maintain small group sizes and minimize interactions between the groups.
    • All items used in the program will be disinfected at the end of each use with disinfectants approved by the CDC.
    • The district has implemented enhanced cleaning and sanitation practices, in addition to the cleaning completed during the program operating hours by staff members.

    In order to maintain current state guidelines, the program will adhere to the following for the safety of all students:

    • You may choose an AM plan, PM plan, or both.
    • You may select only one drop-off time for the AM Program.
    • If you select either the 2, 3, or 4 days a week plans you may choose any days of the week, but the days of the week you choose must remain the same throughout enrollment in the program. You may add on an occasional day for a per diem charge. The add-on can only be used if you are enrolled in that particular session (ie. you need to be enrolled for a minimum of 2 mornings to add on to an occasional extra day. The same applies for the afternoon.)
    • Program changes can go into effect on the 1st of the month only. Program changes are not accepted for the month of June.
    • There are no refunds/credits or day exchanges for months containing holidays, snow days, and/or for days missed due to illness, vacation, etc. In addition, days cannot be swapped for alternate days of the week. At this time, drop-in care is not available.
    • If canceling the plan, it is the responsibility of the parent to provide written notice (email is acceptable) by the 15th of the preceding month or they will be responsible for the following month’s tuition.
    • Currently, there are limitations on the number of students we can accommodate. Further guidance and developments from the Department of Education or the school district could cause modification to our current program plans at any time.
    • Program enrollment is based on space availability and staffing.
    • A schedule confirmation will be emailed to all families prior to the start of school.
    • Completed applications and selection forms can be emailed to HarperL@newegypt.us. Incomplete forms and/or failure to make payment will delay the acceptance of your enrollment form and possibly your space in the program.

    If you have any questions, please contact the NEED office at HarperL@newegypt.us or 609-758-6800x3266.

    Lisa M. Harper

    To register for the program, please email or bring completed registration packets to the vestibule at the elementary school (all required forms and payment to):

    NEED Office
    Dr. Gerald H. Woehr Elementary School
    44 N. Main Street
    New Egypt, NJ 08533

    For more information or clarification on the programs, please call the NEED office at (609)758-6800 x3266. Incomplete packets cannot be processed and will be returned causing a delay in your registration. If you want to make payment via credit card, please make a note of that on your packet and a click-to-pay link will be emailed to you.

    2021-2022 Program Information and NEED Program registration packet:

    21-22 NEED Registration Forms/Program Costs/Program Plan Selection  (Adobe Fillable)

    21-22 NEED Registration Forms/Program Costs/Program Plan Selection  (printable)

    • You can complete these forms by typing into them, then select the printer icon in the upper right corner and select "save as .pdf" under the destination/printer choice. You can then name the file, save it, and upload it to an email to HarperL@newegypt.us. In the email, please note if you are dropping off a check, or would like a Click-to-Pay link emailed directly to you to pay online. We do not need your credit card or banking information for online payments. Please note: using the download icon on the fillable .pdf will not save any information typed into the form. The form will remain blank. 
    • Payments: 1) via check/money order and mailed to Dr. Gerald H. Woehr Elem. School, ATTN: NEED Program, 44 N. Main Street, New Egypt, NJ 08533; 2) Drop registration forms and/or payments off in the GHWES vestibule inside the first set of glass double doors. Then if you could alert the main office through the call button that you are leaving the registration forms on the bookshelf they will place them in my mailbox. 3) "Click to Pay" link to pay by credit/debit card or banking. If you wish to pay by click-to-pay you need to leave your registration forms and request a click-to-pay link be emailed to you. The processor charges a small fee at the time of the transaction. This link will be provided to all families and can be used at any time during the 2021-2022 school year. Please DO NOT use a Click-to-Pay link from a prior school year or Warrior Day Camp! Registration fees and September's tuition is due at the time of enrollment. Your application will not be considered complete without it.
    • If your preschooler is not potty trained, you must provide your own pull-ups, wipes, and gloves prior to the student starting.
    • Family Registration Fee for the 2021-2022 school year - $45.00. Registration fee is waived for those qualifying for Free or Reduced Lunch. In addition, a $20 re-enrollment fee is charged if you stop the program and want to start again during the school year.
    • Free and Reduced Lunch Federal guidelines for 2021-2022 here.
    • If requesting a Federal Lunch Program discount, and you have not already qualified for this school year, please complete the forms here. Also, submit a copy with your NEED Program registration forms if a new submission.
    • There is no nurse available during the before and aftercare program. Please note the NEED staff cannot administer medication. If your child has a potential for allergen reactions or anaphylaxis, we can assist with the administration of an EpiPen. Please make sure that the NEED program and the school nurse have a copy of the treatment plan here. An EpiPen that can be kept with the NEED program at all times must be in place prior to starting the NEED program. Please make sure the medication has a pharmacy label clearly listing the student's name and administration directions.
    • October’s Tuition is due by September 15th, November's Tuition is due by October 15th, etc.