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Please click here for an important update on the Student Drop Off Procedure

New Egypt High School Student Drop-Off Procedure:

We are altering our morning student drop-off procedures to make it more convenient and safe for our students.  Starting Monday, September 19, the morning student drop-off will be in front of the high school.  Parents will be asked to enter through the driveway marked “Gate 1” and proceed to the front of the high school.  Once you turn down the front of the high school we will be asking you to stay in the left lane and proceed to the crosswalk to drop off  your children.  The right lane will be designated for buses only.  There will be cones separating the two lanes.  There will also be staff to help direct traffic in the front of the building.

We ask that parents do not drive through the student parking lot.  Please enter through gate one and proceed to the front of the building.  Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.